Wednesday, August 19, 2009

reflective synopsis

Well this should be my last blog.

Although i have complained about doing this assignment, it has really taught about some tools that i had no idea about and extended my knowledge on tools that i had some knowledge about.

The tool that think that i will use the most in my personal life as well as encourage my students to use is Piknic. I love adjusting photos, and although to get really good tool i had to pay to use it ($5 for a month) i think that it is well worth it. I will try to encourage my students to use the computer before school and in lunch times, as well as taking advantage of the different oportunities that i have (at the school i am in they have interactive whiteboards in every class) and use these tools to their full potential.

I also loved the Video making tool, and the digital storytelling. I can see the children in my classes (no matter what age) enjoying creating a sotry about themselves, for their families and friends. To extend on the digital stories the children may be able to chose a topic for which they wish to learn more about (eg the earths core video in a previous blog) and create a documentary using images and drawings that they have found or completed themselves.

There was however one site that i was NOT impressed with and that was the MediaFile! As stated in a previous blog i was not impressed with the sexualised adds on the pages! However this aside i did see the beneifits of using an online tool that allows MY collegues to access large files.

I can see that these tool will assist students in extending their knowledge base and also encourage higher-order thinking ("Higher-order thinking requires students to manipulate information and ideas in ways that transform their meaning and implications" QSA, 2004)

I have enjoyed AND disliked doing this assignment.. i have enjoyed looking through different technologies and can see that it is something that you cant really be taught in a classroom, but sometimes i get a little distracted and i like being told "this is what you need to do for this part" but all in all it has been a fantastic time..

thanks for reading all my blogs..


QSA . (2004) Higher Order Thinking. Retieved on August 6, 2009 from

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  1. Dear Beck

    I had to chuckle at your bit about media file. That was my blog where I expressed outrage and I'm glad that the experience happened to someone else and not just me! I double checked all my postings today and ended up in mediafile waiting to download, and today there wasn't a sex ad, but a mammary proudly displayed anyway in relation to getting a boob job done. Almost as off putting! There is no way in heck I can give that access to a highschool student. They'd forget what they were supposed to be reading about.