Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Powerpoint Quiz.

Welcome again.. These thoughts are running low on wackyness.

Ok so i have gone and done a quiz.. Late last year i completed a SOSE subject and we created a webquest (as stated earlier in my blogs). Below is the link to be able to download this webquest. If you feel the need, see if you are able to complete the quiz (there really isnt any need to go further with it but feel free to look and see what me and my partner did).

Ok so the point of these quizes im guessing is to provide a question and then the students select an answer. For this to happen we as teachers must remember to remove the "on mouse click" tick so that the students dont just go through without answering the questions. I would have to agree with a number of my collegues about using ClassMaker instead of Powerpoint Quiz as a summative assessment piece, as Classmaker provides the answer the children selected where as Powerpoint Quiz allows the children to have multiple attempts at the questions and so is more of a formative assessment tool, a usefull formative tool at that.

As stated in previous blogs i also like fiddling with pp so getting to do the quiz and the slides for the one below was NOT a big deal, sure it took a LOT of time and energy but all in all i think that it looked effective and students would like to participate in a quiz that catches their eye (that is a draw back for Classmaker- it isn't very pretty).

well i hope that you have enjoyed reading this brief undate on Powerpoint Quizes.


Powerpoint quiz

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  1. Hi Beck,

    It is interesting to read the point you raised about PowerPoint quizzes being more useful as a formative assessment tool. I would have to agree with you. Maybe the quizzes could be useful as an introduction to a topic, to check learner's prior knowledge and to give those that have no prior knowledge, more of an understanding.