Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SlideShare, File Storage

Well we are slowly getting there.. again i welcome you to a wacky thought process..

Well before today i had NEVER even heard of slideshare.

I decided that i would upload my part of a group presentation that i recently presented. It was for English Curriculum and Pedagogy. As you will see it is a very basic slide presentation but it is sufficient to demonstrate the use of slide share.

You will see that you are able view the slide as an acutal presentation. Fortunately for me this was a fairly basic slide that didnt need adjusting. After reading other peoples blogs i have realised that they have had to change their slides so that pictures are cut of and words are readable. This is a great tool to use when doing group assignments. It doesnt matter what the size of the file is whenever i try to send a pp slideshow. this is a fantastic tool to use to be send these pp slides to the group members.

File Storage
After setting up my account at MediaFire and uploading 2 files, I clicked to view my file and was SHOCKED to see to the left hand side an image of a lady without a top on just laying there, and it is the same when i go to view other peoples links.. i am disgusted, why would i even bother to use such a disgusting tool.. what is the point of having a picture of a half naked lady , there is no way that i will be allowing my students to use this tool, and i doubt that i will use it (even though it is probably a great tool).


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