Monday, July 13, 2009

Learning in week 1

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Well after completing the quiz in class last week, I foun out that I am quite "up on Netiquette". Never would have thought that. But i keep asking myself, do i really know netiquette or were they really just obvious questions and some flukes? While completing the quiz I know i asked a few questions of those around me, but when you use the internet to just talk with friends (that already exist in real life, and to stay in contact with family), why do you need to know what 'lurking" is?
Ok so for one reason so we can warn our students, but i had never even heard about it until i did the quiz (do i live under a rock?).

Why is it while we are studying at uni it is more of a "do as i say not what i do" type of teaching?
Dale's cone clearly shows that the majoirty of people learn best when they are doing meaningful experiences (, such as teaching others. why then do we sit in a class and listen to things being rambled AT us? My personal learning style has proven to be one of Sensing and Sequential. Which means that i like facts in a hands-on, orderly way (to me that seems odd, dont think that i have ever really been taught like that, only when learning a new job).

Now that I know this though it does kind of make sense in the way that i like to teach. I like providing opportunities for the students I teach to do activies while they are learning new things, and provide sequential and orderly instructions to assist in getting a job done.

Personality Types
Strength of the preferences %

You are:
  • slightly expressed introvert
  • slightly expressed sensing personality
  • distinctively expressed feeling personality
  • distinctively expressed judging personality
I have NEVER been told that i am an introvert!! WHAT THE?? well that is something to think about.

There are just so many different combination of personalities, no wonder there are classes in the class room.. That is something that I will have to think about a little harder when I am doing my lessons I think...

well they are my thoughts for this hour.. thanks for reading..


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  1. Hi Bec,

    You pose a good question regarding Dale's Cone and the Learning Pyramid.
    Why do you think that university learning is as transmissive as you have observed, given the research and theoretical perspectives we ask you to consider in Pre-Service Teacher Education?



  2. i Believe that it is because of the time constraints, but i would still like to see some some of the lecturers use DoL (since they make us use it so much). It is also probably the way that the majority of lecturers were taught when they were going through.. in some cases I do understand that there are time limits (for example when we are doing our 6 week intense courses). but when we have the time why not make the most of it.

    That is why i think that we are taught the way that we are.