Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RSS Aggregator

Again i welcome you to the wonderfully wacky world of Beck.

When asked to set up the RSS Aggregator, I was like "WHAT THE??"

After reading the course materials online, I conducted a Google search, for "googlereader", afterwhich I found out that was already 'signed up' for this. I felt a little 'ripped off' that I didnt get to sign up for it, but it was handy to know that googlereader, sets up an account for you when you start. It is great, I am loving that I can see what all my fellow classmates are writing, without having to search for them, it is an easy step in ensuring that i can read what my classmates are writing without the time consuming job of SEARCHING for them each time. this is a FANTASTIC tool. I can see how they would be a great resoucre in a classroom.

Step 1: find a great educational blog
Step 2: add to RSS Aggregator
Step 3: encourage the students to check the blog to see what the blogger has to say.
Step 4: encourage the students to pose questions to the blogger to learn more about the topic.

who would have thought such an simple tool would be useful for many things.

Thanks for reading..

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