Wednesday, July 22, 2009

YouTube and Podcasting

Teacher Tube what a wacky thing!!

I found this fantastic video on how to use erase and reveal on an interactive whiteboard. I have found since doing day visits at one of the first schools in Queensland to have an interactive whiteboard in every class, that although they the teachers have this fantastic resource at their disposal that they tend not to use it as much i would have thought they would.

Sure they use it at least once through out the day, but they tend (for the most part) to use it like a regular whileboard and just doing the writing and the mathematics like i was taught when i was going to school.

This Teachertube clip shoes just one way of changing a normal cloze passage on a piece of paper (in which the teacher still has to show the students the 'correct' answer) to an ICT fun adventure. First you add your text to the page (adding pictures is also helpful) and then covereing certain words/ numbers with the idential colour of the background you are able to hide the words/numbers. The children are then asked to come to the front and write in what they believe to be the correct word (i would suggest using spelling words as the words that you are covering, you are also then assessing if they are grasping these new words).

Below is a teachertube that extends on this principle of using same colour answers as the background (cloze passages).

Duncan 2007


Well i have only ever podcast Hamish and Andy to listen in the car on the way to Hervey Bay on holidays, so the concept of Podcasting was not foreign but to use it edcationally is a different story. i decided that i should find what exactly a podcast is. Gee google is a wonderful tool, it told me that, "A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually either digital audio or video, that is made available for download via web syndication" (Wikipedia, 2009).

SO what am i going to do??

I signed up for the Hooked on Phonics, i saw it as a great tool to be able to use in the classroom. There are some great songs, "the big big song" (Hooked on Phonics n.d.) (which is all about ryhming words, pig, big, wig etc). There are also songs about the sounds that different letters make.

Learning Design.
I can see using this framework and incorporating a number of different online (eg podcast), paper (story books, worksheets) and other resources that the students that i teach will have an all round learning base.

Figure 1: Components of a learning design

Thanks for reading.

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