Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Google Earth

Well what kind of wacky world am i going to talk about... of course our googole earth.

I have attempted to download GoogleEarth a number of time before typing this blog and it keeps coming up with a virus warning so instead of infecting my computer with a virus i am going to just talk about how i have previously seen Google Earth used, and what i would do with it in my class.

Previously i have seen Google Earth used in a class where they were studying space (the teacher zoomed out and showed the children where Australia and New Zealand were). The students then (as homework) where to find other counrties (whether it be names of other countires or on google earth).

In my class i can see numerous posibilities, in my class (seeing as i will HOPEFULLY be teaching early childhood) i would like to see the children search for their houses (to ensure that the students know where they live), they can then map the distance that they travel to school each day and how far their nearest relative lives. For older grades the students could map the distance that they live from school and then work out how long it would take to get to and from school travelling at different speeds.

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