Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Welcome once AGAIN.. gee you are going to get sick of me..

Well I set up my Mahara account the other week and I am just getting around to writing this blog..

I am starting to stress about how to use this tool, it is looking more and more complicated the more I look at it.. although I am looking forward to working it all out. I can see the potential there for me as a professional (but am still struggling to figure out how to use it). However looking around at different sites to try and discover what it is that i have to do I can across Jackie Miers who put it in simple people terms for me.

An ePortfolio is a purposeful collection of work and information that:

  • represents an individual's efforts, progress and achievements over time

  • is goal-driven, performance-based and indicates evidence of the attainment of knowledge, skills and attitudes

  • includes self-reflection

  • is a tool for facilitating life-long learning and career developmet

(Meirs, 2005).

Now to think about it in a classroom situation.. I am not sure how i would do that.. maybe upload what we are doing in the class, the units of work, the work that the children have completed and so on so that other schools and see it. I know of a few schools, that have set up websites to share their resources with other schools, so why not set up an e-portfolio to do the same thing, encourage other schools become 'friends' (maybe send an email to the schools in my area to advise them of the e-portfolio).
I belived that we shouldn't have to re-invent the wheel in our planning.. we should help our teaching partners, and share our lessons and resources, what better way than on the internet!?

I have been fiddling (once again) with Mahara while writing this and I am finding that (i think) people will have to be 'my friend' in order to see my view (i have set it to public and yet when copying the address and pasting when signed out it is asking me to sign in, so i am a little confused).

hoping that you are all enjoying this and that you all gain heaps of information.

Meirs, J. (2005).
Professional ePortfolios in Education. Retreived on August 6, 2009, from

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