Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SlideShare, File Storage

Well we are slowly getting there.. again i welcome you to a wacky thought process..

Well before today i had NEVER even heard of slideshare.

I decided that i would upload my part of a group presentation that i recently presented. It was for English Curriculum and Pedagogy. As you will see it is a very basic slide presentation but it is sufficient to demonstrate the use of slide share.

You will see that you are able view the slide as an acutal presentation. Fortunately for me this was a fairly basic slide that didnt need adjusting. After reading other peoples blogs i have realised that they have had to change their slides so that pictures are cut of and words are readable. This is a great tool to use when doing group assignments. It doesnt matter what the size of the file is whenever i try to send a pp slideshow. this is a fantastic tool to use to be send these pp slides to the group members.

File Storage
After setting up my account at MediaFire and uploading 2 files, I clicked to view my file and was SHOCKED to see to the left hand side an image of a lady without a top on just laying there, and it is the same when i go to view other peoples links.. i am disgusted, why would i even bother to use such a disgusting tool.. what is the point of having a picture of a half naked lady , there is no way that i will be allowing my students to use this tool, and i doubt that i will use it (even though it is probably a great tool).


SlideShare Inc. (2009). SlideShare Present Yourself. Retrieved on August 12, 2009, from

Using Music on the Web, VoiceThread

Welcome to another wacky world of beck,

INCOMPETECH what an odd place to find music. I was reading through what we had to do and following the EXACT instructions and cound not work out how to download royalty free music WITHOUT having to pay for it. However i have listened to a few of the different genres of music, i would love to use some of them in a class where there can be dancing (eg, a Kindergarten) or a sleep time (some of the music was really relaxing).

I love music i really do, i tend not to download music though, i like to own the music legitimately. I love kids music, christian music and music that i can dance to that has NICE lyrics (not a fan ofa really heavy beat- tends to give me a headache). I like having music in the background most of the time (sometimes if i am into the music i MAY start to sing instead of work..oops)..

In my class i think i would prefer to use download tools that i am more familiar with or just use Youtube. I love using Youtube and believe that if the song on the screen has words it would be benefical (the visual and the audio), alternatively close down the window and just listen.

Voice Thread

This is just a quick demonstartion of how a voice thread could be used. Simply chose some photos that seem to follow a logical order (even a semi-logical order) and the add text, or if you have a microphone speak the story into the pictures. what a fantastic tool for students who struggle with writing but need to complete the English Essential Learnings.

This tool could also be used as a step by step description of how to complete a science experiment.

I hope that you have all enjoyed reading this..


Google Earth

Well what kind of wacky world am i going to talk about... of course our googole earth.

I have attempted to download GoogleEarth a number of time before typing this blog and it keeps coming up with a virus warning so instead of infecting my computer with a virus i am going to just talk about how i have previously seen Google Earth used, and what i would do with it in my class.

Previously i have seen Google Earth used in a class where they were studying space (the teacher zoomed out and showed the children where Australia and New Zealand were). The students then (as homework) where to find other counrties (whether it be names of other countires or on google earth).

In my class i can see numerous posibilities, in my class (seeing as i will HOPEFULLY be teaching early childhood) i would like to see the children search for their houses (to ensure that the students know where they live), they can then map the distance that they travel to school each day and how far their nearest relative lives. For older grades the students could map the distance that they live from school and then work out how long it would take to get to and from school travelling at different speeds.

YouTube and Podcasting

Teacher Tube what a wacky thing!!

I found this fantastic video on how to use erase and reveal on an interactive whiteboard. I have found since doing day visits at one of the first schools in Queensland to have an interactive whiteboard in every class, that although they the teachers have this fantastic resource at their disposal that they tend not to use it as much i would have thought they would.

Sure they use it at least once through out the day, but they tend (for the most part) to use it like a regular whileboard and just doing the writing and the mathematics like i was taught when i was going to school.

This Teachertube clip shoes just one way of changing a normal cloze passage on a piece of paper (in which the teacher still has to show the students the 'correct' answer) to an ICT fun adventure. First you add your text to the page (adding pictures is also helpful) and then covereing certain words/ numbers with the idential colour of the background you are able to hide the words/numbers. The children are then asked to come to the front and write in what they believe to be the correct word (i would suggest using spelling words as the words that you are covering, you are also then assessing if they are grasping these new words).

Below is a teachertube that extends on this principle of using same colour answers as the background (cloze passages).

Duncan 2007


Well i have only ever podcast Hamish and Andy to listen in the car on the way to Hervey Bay on holidays, so the concept of Podcasting was not foreign but to use it edcationally is a different story. i decided that i should find what exactly a podcast is. Gee google is a wonderful tool, it told me that, "A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually either digital audio or video, that is made available for download via web syndication" (Wikipedia, 2009).

SO what am i going to do??

I signed up for the Hooked on Phonics, i saw it as a great tool to be able to use in the classroom. There are some great songs, "the big big song" (Hooked on Phonics n.d.) (which is all about ryhming words, pig, big, wig etc). There are also songs about the sounds that different letters make.

Learning Design.
I can see using this framework and incorporating a number of different online (eg podcast), paper (story books, worksheets) and other resources that the students that i teach will have an all round learning base.

Figure 1: Components of a learning design

Thanks for reading.

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Figure 1.
Oliver, R. (1999) Learning design:How to Construct a Learning Design Sequence. Retreived on August 3, 2009 from

Simulations Quizzes

Welcome, my weird and wacky thoughts are slowly getting slower and slower as i type these.

Well i have created a mini quiz (you will be able to access it below). These are just some simple questions to demonstate how a quiz could be used in the classroom, however i believe that it could be used in a number of ways. The following is taken straight from the website.

ClassMarker grades the following question types for you automatically:

  1. MC - Multiple choice (single correct answer)
  2. MR - Multiple response (multiple correct answers)
  3. True/False - Standard true false
  4. Free text - Learners must type correct answer
  5. Punctuation - Correct sentence punctuation

ClassMarker allows you to grade the following question type:

  1. Essay - Single word or essay style answers allowed.
(Classmaker, 2009)

What a GREAT thing. there are so many different things to do, English tests, SOSE questions, Science quiz and even music. It did take a little bit of time to set up the 'class', and actually typing in the quiz questions and answers but it means that the questions are always there and i will just need to edit them in the future. This form of online assessment could also be used as a homework tool, but once again it is a lot of setup.

Mini Quiz

Classmaker. (2009) Add questions to test and Question bank. Retrieved on August 5, 2009, from

Image Manipulation (piknic) and Flickr


image 1

This has been the most fun. As you will see the photo to the right is the pre-manipulation and the photo on the left is after. I have loved using Picnik. Although when i was first starting to use it i got immensely frustrated with the program because it kept asking me to 'upgrade' well i bit the bullet and upgraded, i only paid for a month, but it was worth it, the photo above used a number of the applications that can only be used when you upgrade. I find it amazing that by tweaking only a few things that you are able to turn a semi-blurred photo, to a sharp photo with a specific focal point. "With digital processing, there is almost no limit to what can be done to an image, and many things are done to images with the best intentions," (Lodriguss, J. 2006).

While editing these photos i was thinking, what is it that our children can do with these photos?? It took me a while to think of things and then it hit me, let the children develop learning folios (not only do you then have slightly less work) the children are then utilising the computers that the classrooms have but are learning different ways of moving and manipulating images. The can add boarders to pictures, change the colours, faces, they can also manipulate a photo so much that they are unrecognisable.

image 2.

image 3.


Ok so i was getting very annoyed trying to upload a photo using the "upload photo" tool and adding a photo link so instead i will just add it here

this is a photo i found on flicker.. it is my favourite flower a pink lilly. The photo was taken by Robbie Jim.(i am SO jealousi would love a bunch of flowers like this). there are so many photos of different things on flickr (all you have to do is search).

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Welcome, hope you are ready to read so interesting thoughts..

YAY I know how to use this tool. I love using powerpoint. whenever we are asked to do a presentation at university i ALWAY volunteer to do the powerpoint, i love making this different. I seem to be able to release some of my creative energy in powerpoint (you have to do it some way when you are stuck behind a computer doing assignments, i think that is why i also liked piknic).

Late last year we (our SOSE class) was asked to establish a webquest, and not knowing much about webquests and through asking questions my partner in the group decided that we would use a powerpoint as our webquest. We decided that we would make sure that the pages reflected the colours of the sun, we ensured that there were specific weblinks (so that the children werent searching the internet). We discovered that you can add soundwaves, and videos on a powerpoint page also.

As a teacher there are many oportunites to use powerpoint (especially if you have an interactive whiteboard)! why wouldnt you want make your lessons more appealing!?

I love using Powerpoint and think everyone should try to use it as much as possible, but keep it fun!


Welcome once AGAIN.. gee you are going to get sick of me..

Well I set up my Mahara account the other week and I am just getting around to writing this blog..

I am starting to stress about how to use this tool, it is looking more and more complicated the more I look at it.. although I am looking forward to working it all out. I can see the potential there for me as a professional (but am still struggling to figure out how to use it). However looking around at different sites to try and discover what it is that i have to do I can across Jackie Miers who put it in simple people terms for me.

An ePortfolio is a purposeful collection of work and information that:

  • represents an individual's efforts, progress and achievements over time

  • is goal-driven, performance-based and indicates evidence of the attainment of knowledge, skills and attitudes

  • includes self-reflection

  • is a tool for facilitating life-long learning and career developmet

(Meirs, 2005).

Now to think about it in a classroom situation.. I am not sure how i would do that.. maybe upload what we are doing in the class, the units of work, the work that the children have completed and so on so that other schools and see it. I know of a few schools, that have set up websites to share their resources with other schools, so why not set up an e-portfolio to do the same thing, encourage other schools become 'friends' (maybe send an email to the schools in my area to advise them of the e-portfolio).
I belived that we shouldn't have to re-invent the wheel in our planning.. we should help our teaching partners, and share our lessons and resources, what better way than on the internet!?

I have been fiddling (once again) with Mahara while writing this and I am finding that (i think) people will have to be 'my friend' in order to see my view (i have set it to public and yet when copying the address and pasting when signed out it is asking me to sign in, so i am a little confused).

hoping that you are all enjoying this and that you all gain heaps of information.

Meirs, J. (2005).
Professional ePortfolios in Education. Retreived on August 6, 2009, from


Hey there Bloggers, welcome to my wacky world, once again.

So what is a Wiki?? That is exactly what i was thinking when i started this blog, i know of wikipeadia but i didnt know that there was anything else really.. and then i found a wonderful website that described a wiki as "a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. Wiki supports hyperlinks and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages and crosslinks between internal pages on the fly" (What is a Wiki, 2002).

I love the ideas of Wiki's. I thought that the only that could be done with them was "Wikipedia". but I am sooo very very wrong.

I started using "Wetpaint" only the other day, and it took me a little while to think of ways in which it may be useful in the class and then it hit me, It could almost be a reporting tool, where by the children upload photos of what they have been learning and write stories to accompany these pictures, so then this informs the parents and myself as a teacher of what they have and have not understood. It also allows the parents to view what has been happening in the class at home.

While i realise that there isn't really much on this page if you were to colaborate this as a class project you would be able to add so much information, and the children would be reaching their ICT Essential Learning by the end of year 3:
Creating with ICTs
Students experiment with and use ICTs to create a range of responses to suit the purpose and
audience. They use ICTs to develop understanding, demonstrate creativity, thinking, learning,
collaboration and communication across key learning areas. They:
• represent ideas, information and thinking
• develop imaginative responses
• record evidence of their learning
• reflect on their use of ICTs as a creative tool and identify how their responses could be improved.

(Queensland Studies Authority, 2007, p2)

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RSS Aggregator

Again i welcome you to the wonderfully wacky world of Beck.

When asked to set up the RSS Aggregator, I was like "WHAT THE??"

After reading the course materials online, I conducted a Google search, for "googlereader", afterwhich I found out that was already 'signed up' for this. I felt a little 'ripped off' that I didnt get to sign up for it, but it was handy to know that googlereader, sets up an account for you when you start. It is great, I am loving that I can see what all my fellow classmates are writing, without having to search for them, it is an easy step in ensuring that i can read what my classmates are writing without the time consuming job of SEARCHING for them each time. this is a FANTASTIC tool. I can see how they would be a great resoucre in a classroom.

Step 1: find a great educational blog
Step 2: add to RSS Aggregator
Step 3: encourage the students to check the blog to see what the blogger has to say.
Step 4: encourage the students to pose questions to the blogger to learn more about the topic.

who would have thought such an simple tool would be useful for many things.

Thanks for reading..


Hey there.. you are once again reading some weird thoughts of Beck.

Well what a GREAT tool.. how awesome is it to create this little thing that you type what you want it to say and then it talks..

I had so much fun creating it.. imagine teaching a class using this tool.. children that tune out to the voice of a teacher but engrosed in the digital world, they would LOVE this. As a learning manager I would like to establish a voki with my class at the start of most units (the larger units that we would complete), I would then get the voki to introduce the start of the lesson or add parts during the lesson (to ensure that the children were engaging in the lesson). The Voki website describes what a Voki;

Voki enables users to express themselves on the web in their own voice using a talking character. You can customize your Voki to look like you or take on the identity of lots of other types of characters… animals, monsters, anime etc. Your Voki can speak with your own voice which is added via microphone, upload, or phone.
Voki lives on your blog, social network profile and will soon be integrated in various instant messaging platforms. You will also be able to download it to most video supported phones. (oddcast, 2007)

You are also able to type the message that you would like it to say. Both the speaking and the typing aspect of this tool is usefull for upper primary students and highschool students that are not strong speakers and yet have to present orals are their English assessment. Why not encourage them to use a voki for part of their assignment..

oddcast. (2007) About Voki: what is a voki. Retrieved on August 2, 2009, from

Monday, July 13, 2009

Learning in week 1

Welcome to the wacky thoughts of Beck

Well after completing the quiz in class last week, I foun out that I am quite "up on Netiquette". Never would have thought that. But i keep asking myself, do i really know netiquette or were they really just obvious questions and some flukes? While completing the quiz I know i asked a few questions of those around me, but when you use the internet to just talk with friends (that already exist in real life, and to stay in contact with family), why do you need to know what 'lurking" is?
Ok so for one reason so we can warn our students, but i had never even heard about it until i did the quiz (do i live under a rock?).

Why is it while we are studying at uni it is more of a "do as i say not what i do" type of teaching?
Dale's cone clearly shows that the majoirty of people learn best when they are doing meaningful experiences (, such as teaching others. why then do we sit in a class and listen to things being rambled AT us? My personal learning style has proven to be one of Sensing and Sequential. Which means that i like facts in a hands-on, orderly way (to me that seems odd, dont think that i have ever really been taught like that, only when learning a new job).

Now that I know this though it does kind of make sense in the way that i like to teach. I like providing opportunities for the students I teach to do activies while they are learning new things, and provide sequential and orderly instructions to assist in getting a job done.

Personality Types
Strength of the preferences %

You are:
  • slightly expressed introvert
  • slightly expressed sensing personality
  • distinctively expressed feeling personality
  • distinctively expressed judging personality
I have NEVER been told that i am an introvert!! WHAT THE?? well that is something to think about.

There are just so many different combination of personalities, no wonder there are classes in the class room.. That is something that I will have to think about a little harder when I am doing my lessons I think...

well they are my thoughts for this hour.. thanks for reading..


ACU Adams Center for Teaching Excellence (2000) Why use active learning. Retrieved on 13 July, 2009, from


Well Hello there,

Welcome to my Blog. Here is a little bit about my self (just so you know the person that is typing all this). I am 21 and a half. I am in my 3rd year of Bachelor or Learning Management (Early Childhood), out of 4. I am enjoying the teaching side of uni (actually getting in an getting my hands dirty), however im not to keen on the writing of assignments (although i think that writing a blog could be different). Along with writing this blog and studying English Curriculum and Pedegogy, I will also be planning my wedding.. That is right along with trying to get decent marks, I am getting ready to take another giant leap, and marry the most amazing man I have ever met.

I hope you enjoy reading what I have to write over the next few weeks.

I'm looking forward to typing my life away..