Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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YAY I know how to use this tool. I love using powerpoint. whenever we are asked to do a presentation at university i ALWAY volunteer to do the powerpoint, i love making this different. I seem to be able to release some of my creative energy in powerpoint (you have to do it some way when you are stuck behind a computer doing assignments, i think that is why i also liked piknic).

Late last year we (our SOSE class) was asked to establish a webquest, and not knowing much about webquests and through asking questions my partner in the group decided that we would use a powerpoint as our webquest. We decided that we would make sure that the pages reflected the colours of the sun, we ensured that there were specific weblinks (so that the children werent searching the internet). We discovered that you can add soundwaves, and videos on a powerpoint page also.

As a teacher there are many oportunites to use powerpoint (especially if you have an interactive whiteboard)! why wouldnt you want make your lessons more appealing!?

I love using Powerpoint and think everyone should try to use it as much as possible, but keep it fun!

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