Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Using Music on the Web, VoiceThread

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INCOMPETECH what an odd place to find music. I was reading through what we had to do and following the EXACT instructions and cound not work out how to download royalty free music WITHOUT having to pay for it. However i have listened to a few of the different genres of music, i would love to use some of them in a class where there can be dancing (eg, a Kindergarten) or a sleep time (some of the music was really relaxing).

I love music i really do, i tend not to download music though, i like to own the music legitimately. I love kids music, christian music and music that i can dance to that has NICE lyrics (not a fan ofa really heavy beat- tends to give me a headache). I like having music in the background most of the time (sometimes if i am into the music i MAY start to sing instead of work..oops)..

In my class i think i would prefer to use download tools that i am more familiar with or just use Youtube. I love using Youtube and believe that if the song on the screen has words it would be benefical (the visual and the audio), alternatively close down the window and just listen.

Voice Thread

This is just a quick demonstartion of how a voice thread could be used. Simply chose some photos that seem to follow a logical order (even a semi-logical order) and the add text, or if you have a microphone speak the story into the pictures. what a fantastic tool for students who struggle with writing but need to complete the English Essential Learnings.

This tool could also be used as a step by step description of how to complete a science experiment.

I hope that you have all enjoyed reading this..


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