Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Simulations Quizzes

Welcome, my weird and wacky thoughts are slowly getting slower and slower as i type these.

Well i have created a mini quiz (you will be able to access it below). These are just some simple questions to demonstate how a quiz could be used in the classroom, however i believe that it could be used in a number of ways. The following is taken straight from the website.

ClassMarker grades the following question types for you automatically:

  1. MC - Multiple choice (single correct answer)
  2. MR - Multiple response (multiple correct answers)
  3. True/False - Standard true false
  4. Free text - Learners must type correct answer
  5. Punctuation - Correct sentence punctuation

ClassMarker allows you to grade the following question type:

  1. Essay - Single word or essay style answers allowed.
(Classmaker, 2009)

What a GREAT thing. there are so many different things to do, English tests, SOSE questions, Science quiz and even music. It did take a little bit of time to set up the 'class', and actually typing in the quiz questions and answers but it means that the questions are always there and i will just need to edit them in the future. This form of online assessment could also be used as a homework tool, but once again it is a lot of setup.

Mini Quiz

Classmaker. (2009) Add questions to test and Question bank. Retrieved on August 5, 2009, from

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